The Smiths, Part I

Though we first met the Smiths in January, 2013, while Staci and Terri were getting their tattoos, our correspondence with them began on Sunday, November 25, 2012, the night on which we unveiled Bianca Spriggs’ poem on facebook. At 11:00 pm, Staci wrote: “My first choice for the tattoo project is Left Sock (my mom Terri Smith wants The Long Lost).” Four minutes later, Terri confirmed: “My first choice is The Long Lost (my daughter Staci Diane Smith wants Left Sock).”

Because Terri and Staci sent their preferences early enough (just 32 minutes after we received the very first request for tattoo words), we were able to happily accommodate their request. Staci and Terri split “The Long Lost Left Sock” and we had our first mother—daughter team. When we photographed their tattoo session at Charmed Life almost 2 months later, we began to see the rest of the Smith picture. At Charmed Life we met Mark, Jeremy, and Gary as well. We knew this was likely the largest number of people from a single family to get tattoos as part of The Lexington Tattoo Project: 2 parents and 3 siblings.

Staci, Terri, Mark, Jeremy, and Gary all came out to the Meet & Greet at West Sixth Brewery. Here is one of the pictures captured in the photobooth.

Gary and Jeremy Smith

Gary is downtown. Jeremy is on a ride