Personal Ads: The Best, Part I

Ten days ago we asked you to try to find your poetic tattoo mates by crafting personal ads for our fb event page. Below are a few of the craftiest posts (we will share more in the coming weeks).

Jami Picc-Xie Kidwell: “Just a girl who thinks there is ‘something about’ getting lost ‘taking the long way’. Who is going along?”

(Tanzi Merritt was the first to respond: “ME! I’m all about ‘taking the long way.’ Or at least my spine is.”)

Margueritte Williams: “SMWF (Saxy Married White Female) ‘down Broadway’ looking to ‘hold hands’ with someone who just left ‘the UK Arboretum’ looking for ‘The Sweet Potato Vine’ ‘of the Universe’.”

Scott Shive: “MISSED CONNECTION: I like delving into ‘the deep.’ Your guilty pleasure is ‘fried delicacies.’ I think you were at West Sixth Brewery showing off your tattoos while I was talking about mine a few weeks ago. But we missed each other. Maybe we could meet up at 3 a.m. at Tolly-Ho?”

(Scott is still looking for his connections.)