The Smiths, Part II

Because so many have asked for a way to share the stories behind the phrases you chose as part of The Lexington Tattoo Project, because we get to know each other better through our stories, and because the two of us love story-telling, we are going to share such stories regularly here. Each week we will post one narrative with an image. Email us at to tell us how you chose your Lexington Tattoo Project word(s), what they have come to mean for you, or what the most interesting comment you’ve received in response to your tattoo has been (you can even throw in a word or two about your other tattoos).

Today we introduce to you Staci Diane Smith:

Staci Diane Smith

Staci shares “The Long Lost Left Sock” with her mother, Terri.

“I have the most tattoos in my family with a total of 16. My most prominent is the half-sleeve on my left arm. Each item contained in it is for each member of my family. There is a frog for my oldest brother Mark, a wrestling headgear with the Lafayette High School colors for my brother Jeremy, a purple heart for my dad, a needle and thread for my mom, the state of Oklahoma with the word Okie in it for myself because I was born in Muskogee, OK thus making me an “Okie from Muskogee,” an iris for my late paternal grandfather, and lastly the phrase “love the life you live.”

“When I heard about the project, I thought it would be a cool thing to participate in with my brothers and I was super excited when my mom decided to join in. My mom and I decided right off to split a phrase or get words next to each other. The phrase “left sock” has no deep meaning for me, but I thought it was funny and it was an easy one to split… I’m so proud to be forever linked to my family in this way as well as to my fellow Lexingtonians!”