Portraits of healed tattoos

For several weeks we have been photographing tattoos that have healed beautifully:

Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

as tightly cropped images for use in the final composite

Leigh Ane Hornfeldt

and as images that include more texture for use in the video.

Sometimes people arrive to have their photographs made with a friend who is also a participant. Sometimes they arrive with a friend who is not. As a rule, we offer all friends pretzels and chocolate (even those without a single tattoo). Sometimes people arrive with small children and, when possible, we make studio portraits as gifts to the people who have participated. Leigh Anne Hornfeldt came to have her tattoo portrait made on March 3, 2013. Her husband, Chris, was with her and, according to our rule, we offered him pretzels and chocolate. We don’t remember if he had any but we do remember that we took these photographs on the 9th anniversary of his marriage to Leigh Anne. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Thank you for sharing a moment of your special day with us.

Chris and Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

Chris and Leigh Anne Hornfeldt on their 9th anniversary

They’d have enough.