Tattoo Stories: Angela Luhys

Angela’s tattoo story contains a secret we guarded carefully, until now.

We met Angela—in cyberspace—when she sent us her “wish list,” as she called it, for her Lexington Tattoo Project tattoo:

“The Lexington Cemetery (oh please oh please oh please!)
The B-list Cult Movie
The Night”

Though we loved her dark choices, by the time she sent them to us—12 hours after we posted Bianca’s poem on Facebook—we had already received requests from 90 people and had given away all her preferred words. So we had to ask her to look at the poem again, to see if she could find 3 more phrases she could live with. This was her response:

“While I would like to be on the waiting list for the words “The Lexington Cemetery,” I honestly don’t think I can pick again. I adore this project, but once I saw “The Lexington Cemetery,” I knew that if I got a tattoo about Lexington, it needed to be that. It’s where I slept as a runaway teenager and where I took my fiancée the first time he came to town, it’s where I found my career path and made the choice to enroll in mortuary college, and where I spend my Sunday afternoons… Thank you for helping me realize what my next tattoo should be about and thank you for giving me the chance to have been a part of this amazing project.”

Guess what? We could not resist Angela’s cemetery connections. We swore her to temporary secrecy and made her the second person in this artwork with “the Lexington Cemetery.”

Angela Luhys

Angela Luhys asked for the Lexington Cemetery (oh please oh please oh please!)