Charmed Life: Part I

It has been nearly two months since Robert and Jay finished their marathon commitment to creating all the tattoos for The Lexington Tattoo Project. They are great artists and it was a tremendous pleasure to work with them at the brand new location for Charmed Life Tattoo.

Robert Alleyne of Charmed Life

Thank you, Robert, for believing in us from the day that we met, for making this work possible, and for your commitment to creating a stronger community through art.

Jay Armstrong of Charmed Life

Thank you, Jay, for realizing that Robert would need relief, for stepping in once he, too, realized this, and for so effortlessly becoming a part of this project.

The Lexington Tattoo Project tattoos were among the first created at the new location for Charmed Life, a beautiful studio at 754 North Limestone in Lexington, KY. Expect to see more about Charmed Life, about Robert and Jay, on this blog in the future.