The Love Jones

One of Jeremiah McNeil’s idiosyncrasies is that he doesn’t like his neck to be touched. Another one is that he has “The Love Jones” tattooed on the back of his neck as part of The Lexington Tattoo Project.

17 hours after we posted Bianca Spriggs’ poem on the facebook event for The Lexington Tattoo Project, Jeremiah sent us his top 4 preferences:

1. all about why
2. The B-list Cult Movie
3. The Love Jones
4. she wore a neon wig

His choices did not seem to conform to a theme and neither did he. He told us, afterwards, that he knew the band The Love Jones, though not the movie. According to the Urban Dictionary, to have the love jones for somebody is to be deeply in love. In Bianca’s poem, it is all the deep fried delicacies at Tolly Ho, a local 24-hour establishment, that are described as The Love Jones of the Universe. We don’t know if Jeremiah likes deep fried delicacies, local or not.

Jeremiah McNeil

Jeremiah McNeil was one of the last people who got their tattoo at the old location of Charmed Life.