The Lexington Tattoo Project Book

That’s right, there is going to be a book (this fall—stay tuned for more details) that will include an image of every tattoo and many of the stories that go with them.

We’ve already started to ask folks for their stories. If you have not heard from us yet, you will soon.

Below is the story of Agatha Renee Rigdon’s “be willing to.”

“I chose ‘be willing to’ because I have found myself struggling over the past few years to do just that. Faced with a landslide of personal and professional setbacks, I lost a lot of my resilience, and my response to that was to make my world much smaller. I stepped back from friends, from creative opportunities, and from dreaming about possibility. When I saw those words on my computer screen, ‘be willing to’ pulled a lump of fear and longing into my throat. I knew that I needed those words with me as a reminder that the fears I had given into did not have the right to stop me from trying. Since getting the tattoo, I’ve referred to it often when I find myself backing away from my purpose. When I put the pen down before the words are written, or find myself shrinking away from the possibility of criticism, or just going to a new place by myself, I remember. I choose to be willing to.”

Agatha Renee Rigdon

Agatha Renee Rigdon’s “be willing to”