The last tattoo

The final phrase assigned as a tattoo was initially excluded from the options to choose from for two reasons:

  1. We thought that no one would want to get inked with the name of the poet
  2. We thought that Bianca would feel weird about having her name permanently on another person’s skin

We mentioned these points as we shared statistics during the Meet & Greet in February. We announced that “by Bianca Spriggs” was the only phrase from the poem not converted into a tattoo. Before we were done making the announcement, a hand shot up—Jack Coffer, a friend of ours and of Bianca’s and a participant in The Lexington Tattoo Project, exclaimed that he would take “by Bianca Spriggs.” And just as we began explaining that Bianca would surely find that weird, Bianca chimed in, saying she was totally okay with it.

To make a long story short, it is Marsena Floyd, Bianca’s mother-in-law, who is scheduled to get “by Bianca Spriggs” as her very own Lexington Tattoo Project tattoo in May (sorry Jack). Marsena is the last person slated to get ink as part of this artwork.

Here is the design of Marsena’s tattoo (this is how every other participant first saw their tattoo last December):

Marsena Floyd's "by Bianca Spriggs"

Marsena Floyd’s “by Bianca Spriggs”