Tattoos on TV

Last week we spoke with Renee Shaw, the host of Connections. It was our first time on public television and we had the following observations:

  1. Getting professional make-up before going on the air is fun (admittedly, Kurt had very little of this fun)
  2. Though the Green Room is supposed to be a place to relax (this Green Room was not green, but it did have a green couch), the wait can be nerve-wracking
  3. Renee Shaw was a most gracious host. She even knew how to pronounce both our names (no small feat!)

Many thanks to Renee for inviting us to talk about The Lexington Tattoo Project. The show airs today (Friday, April 26) at 5 pm on KET2. It airs again on Sunday, April 28 at 1:30 pm on KET.


Kurt and Kremena on KET

link to the full interview as aired on KET (click on “Online Video Available”)

link to a short youtube teaser