The Boulder Tattoo Project begins

This week we are in Boulder, working with Chelsea Pohl and Vinny Bachert, owners of the Claw and Talon Tattoo Shop at 1695 Folsom Street, to launch The Boulder Tattoo Project.

claw and talon banner

Building on the strengths of The Lexington Tattoo Project, we aim to help create a similarly successful attachment experience for the Boulder community. Chelsea has been working hard and is very close to securing a well-known Boulder poet, a photographer, and a filmmaker who is interested in making a documentary about all of the tattoo projects (Lexington, Boulder, Miami, etc.) It has been great to meet everyone here and to help bring a Boulder team together.

Claw and Talon-Chelsea Pohl

Vinny created this tattoo, featuring tiger claws and phoenix feathers, based on a painting that he did for the Claw and Talon Tattoo business cards.

In addition to working on the tattoos for the Boulder Tattoo Project–beginning in October 2013–Vinny will be doing a four-day guest spot at Charmed Life in Lexington this June (June 24-28). It is fun to watch the connections between Lexington and Boulder as they grow.