Billy Mason’s “in the”

“I got into the project well after all the phrases had been claimed. My choices were either unused conjunctions or single words, and I had a choice of one or any combination of the handful of words that were left.

To be a part of the project was already decided, no matter what. I’ve known Bianca since 2004 and every encounter I’ve ever had with her has been nothing if not magical. The tattoo artists involved, Jay and Robert, are also lifelong friends of mine and any opportunity to be with either of these immensely dedicated artists in their element was a welcome proposition.

Understanding the motive of this project—that it is in short, the recognition and artistic movement of this community grounded and centered by this project—I gladly chose “in the” to be placed prominently and proudly on my thumb knuckles.

Of course I plan for these conjunctions to eventually do their job in between a couple of four-letter words on my remaining knuckles. But for now (and always, really) “in the” on these thumbs of this vehicle, is just as much yours as it is mine.”

Billy Mason

Billy Mason’s thumb knuckle conjunctions