The Weinel brothers, a twin birthday, and a blood drive

Josh Weinel’s “The Signal Flare”

The meaning of my tattoo phrase–The Signal Flare–has evolved since getting it permanently placed in the skin on my left forearm. I’ve lived in Lexington, KY since 1987. Raised in the military, I moved quite a bit with my family. In the 26 years that I’ve been in this city, I’ve seen many friends and acquaintances move away. I’ve also seen quite a few of them return home. My own twin brother has even left town a few times for a variety of reasons, only to come back. I view Lexington as a signal flare to all who have found themselves in a place that just wasn’t “home”. Lexington will always serve as my personal epicenter. Even if I ever chose to move away, it will be with the intention to end up back in the heart of the bluegrass. Whether I’m away for 5 years or 15, this city will always be my signal flare.”

Josh and Jason Weinel

Jason Weinel’s “The Roadside Attraction” and Josh Weinel’s “The Signal Flare”  (Jason and Josh are the only twins in The Lexington Tattoo Project)

Can you still give blood if you have a tattoo? Absolutely.

Josh and Jason Weinel, the only tattooed twins in The Lexington Tattoo Project, are celebrating their birthday on May 15th. As they have for the past two years, they are celebrating with a blood drive. (click here for details).