Charmed Life: Part II

We first encountered Robert Alleyne last summer after climbing the steps that led to Charmed Life: a tattoo shop easy to miss if you didn’t know to look for it. We did know to look for it because we were looking for Robert: the man to whom all our tattoo research led. We had spent some time scrutinizing people’s tattoos, especially those with text that looked sharp, and asking them who had given them their tattoos. Robert’s name came up nearly all the time.

Last summer, Robert stopped his work to hear us out and tell us that he would be game for our crazy idea (for the record: he never called it crazy). He knew and respected Bianca, he said. Plus, he was game for anything that included the community. And though Robert spent a month tattooing the letters and dots of The Lexington Tattoo Project tattoos, he is much better known for his beautiful drawings and for his incredible image-based tattoos.

Robert Alleyne artwork

You can see this and other drawings done by Robert on the walls of Charmed Life, now located at 754 N. Limestone.

Robert Alleyne tattoo

Work in progress: from Elodie Saracco’s May 8, 2013 session.

Click here for Elodie’s beautiful photographic record of this full-body tattoo that Robert is making on her left side (shoulder to toe).