Andrea James’ “before brunch”

“For years, I’ve worked in community, on behalf of community, without much ado about my personal aspirations and dreams. With this, I could be a part of a community project with a personal connection AND share in Bianca’s poetry (which I’ve always desired to do, but had no poetic talent to do). The words ‘before brunch’ caught my attention. I’d never truly realized it, until reading those words, but before brunch on Sunday has always been my sacred, special time. There are rarely community events scheduled on Sunday before brunch, my family usually sleeps in, my dog is even less demanding, and it’s the most personal time I have all week. The birds seem to chirp louder, the world seems calmer, the light shines through the window different from any other time. I use that time to reflect, to dream, to create, to cry, to hide, to be seen, to achieve, to search, to understand, to forgive, to forget, to smile and basically to do what I want to do. Before brunch on Sunday has inspired new career ideas, partially written books, product creation, a beautiful garden, spiritual word study, and me finding the me I didn’t know I was.”

Andrea James

“before brunch” is her time to smile.