Elias Aaron Irving Gross’s “they might”

“An aimless teenage transplant, I landed in Lexington for college and immediately fell into a family of friends so special that only a permanent mark on my body could do them justice. ‘they might’ are two words symbolizing the importance of that community and possibility, the very pillars on which my experience of Lexington, KY is based. ‘they might’ was because I was ending a relationship with someone who felt they might mean marriage. ‘they might’ was because of the amazing opportunities I was beginning to seize in my life. ‘they might’ is in honor of the beautiful Lexington community that embraced me and for everything that lays ahead.”

Today, May 21, Elias is celebrating his birthday. Happy Birthday, Elias! May you continue to feel embraced by our shared community!

To celebrate with Elias and to help him cover the costs of his upcoming surgery, join us this Saturday, May 25, 9 pm at Cosmic Charlie’s: click here for event link.


Elias is Oliver Switch and he is also “they might.”