Ben Poynter’s “Horror”

Because June 28 marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which are often considered the official beginning of the Gay Civil Rights Movement in the United States, this week we feature some of the participants in The Lexington Tattoo Project who continue the struggle for gay rights, in a variety of ways.

Here is the story of Ben Poynter, also known as Benita Bloom: “‘Horror’ was the first word that stuck out to me in the poem, partly because it was associated with one of my favorite musicals, ‘Rocky Horror,’ but then the word ‘horror’ started to mean so much more to me. It is a testament to the struggles I have faced in my life: the ‘horror’ I went through as a child, being bullied because I was different; the ‘horror’ that came with being gay. On the other hand, ‘horror’ is what I do best as a drag queen and it is where I feel the most comfortable and beautiful. So for me the word had double meaning.”

Benita will be performing at Crossings (across from the Court House) this Saturday, June 29, helping raise money for the Imperial Court of Kentucky. The show starts at 5 pm.

Ben Poynter

Ben Poynter is Benita Bloom