Lisa House and Nancy Dennison’s “drift to Short St.”

Below is the story Lisa and Nancy sent us. It was written by Nancy, who helped Lisa celebrate another birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, Lisa! May you and Nancy celebrate together for many more years!

“On a Thursday night in 2002, I was taking a break outside the side entrance of Cheapside Bar and Grill, where I was laying on a pallet of bagged ice that had just been delivered. I was taking a break from my chef duties, cooling down, when Lisa House walked up and said hi. I had not laid eyes on her in years. I said, ‘You must be going to Thursday Night Live,’ and she said, ‘You must be working hard.’ I said, ‘Always!’. We talked and laughed and smiled a lot and I told her I had to get back to work. I could not get her out of my head. Every Thursday night from then on, I would browse the crowd in hopes of seeing her again. I did see her again but I was, of course, slammed in the kitchen so I could not talk. Then one night Lisa drifted to Short St. and came inside Cheapside. It just so happened that I had just finished for the evening. Robbie Bartlett Blues Band was playing so we danced the night away! Eleven years later, here we are with our very first tattoos with words that mean so much to us!’


Lisa and Nancy, drifting to Short St.