Because many have been asking us when they’ll be able to see the secret image made by the circles and dots that are part of every Lexington Tattoo Project tattoo, we can now tell you: Friday, November 15, at Buster’s, starting at 8 pm. That’s right, The Lexington Tattoo Project is teaming up with PRHBTN, Lexington’s annual street-art festival and one of our sponsors, to throw a party of ink, music, and secrets. Save the date!

For now, we can leave you with two clues:

The video for The Lexington Tattoo Project will function similarly to a previous artwork we did: “Good Morning: The American Inn Project.” You can watch it here (make sure to view it fullscreen):

Additionally, there is someone who now has the entire secret image tattooed on his/her body! This person lives in Lexington and is dearly loved by many. You will find out who this person is and will see the tattoo on November 15!