Blake Eames’ “Something about”

“One night I was lurking on Facebook and saw a post by either Kurt or Kremena about the tattoo project. It wasn’t the polished event invite; it was before that. It was a question … a question of would I do this?


Yes I would.

No doubt or hesitation.

Yes I would have a few words permanently inked onto my body about the town I grew up in. The town my husband grew up in. The town we have chosen to raise our two beautiful children in. Our town. My town. Lexington.

When time came to choose my words I was knee deep in an install… I thought oh I have plenty of time to choose. A week later Kremena contacted me and said there were 2 phrases left … the first one I have since forgotten but the second one was “Something about.” It was perfect. I loved it. That’s it.

Something about…I can fill in the blank whenever I choose…

Something about…today makes me happy.

Something about…her I can’t put my finger on it.

Something about— with dots and circles whirling around the text.

The arrangement of dots and circles makes me happy…dots and circles have always made me happy. For absolutely no deep reason. They just do. maybe it’s just something about…them.”

blake eames…artist and designer…

Blake Eames

Blake Eames’s “something about