Elizabeth Price’s “her wonky”

Like many of the stories people sent to us, this one surprised and touched us. We continue to be amazed by the personal experiences the Lexington Tattoo Project tattoos (and all tattoos, really) hold. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your narrative with us.

“‘her wonky’ was not my first, second, or even third choice of phrases. I wanted a downtown reference, as I have spent most of my adult life in the downtown area. It was actually suggested by Kremena and Kurt as a phrase both of them were fond of, which had not been taken.

When I ran the suggestion by my friends, they thought it was perfect, seeing as I have always had the reputation of being rather ‘wonky’ myself!

Shortly after making this decision, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At this point, my phrase became personal, because of my ‘wonky ‘ breast. Hence the placement. I have since received treatment, and had a Lumpectomy, and my prognosis at this point is good. I will, however, remain ‘wonky’ until the end of my days!”

Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price’s “her wonky”