Piper and Rob’s (almost) Enchanted Story

Here is the narrative Piper and Rob sent us. How can you not love it and them?

“Because our stories are entwined, they are written as one.

Piper wanted ‘The Enchanted Forest’ for her spritely self. Rob was thinking only of Piper. Piper didn’t get her foresty first choice because Fate had other plans. Rob chose the phrase ‘He couldn’t resist,’ because it was how he felt about Piper. Once Rob got the news of his chosen phrase, Piper frantically searched for one that would fit. She found ‘and her favorite.’ When they switched phrases, it was meant to be. Rob was permanently inked with the phrase ‘and her favorite’ (which he is) while Piper proudly wears ‘He couldn’t resist’ (which is true).”

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas’ “and her favorite”

Piper Roby-Thomas

Piper Roby-Thomas’ “He couldn’t resist”