Ondine Quinn’s Journey Through

Back in November 2012, when The Lexington Tattoo Project was still more of an idea of shared affection than a physically embodied expression of love, Ondine Quinn wrote in her personal blog about it. Ondine shared the stories behind the three tattoos she already had and explained her reasons for choosing “through” for her Lexington Tattoo Project tattoo:

“The word from Bianca’s poem that I chose is ‘through.’ Now I’ll have to admit, I took a look at the poem a little later than I should have and many really sweet phrases were already taken. However, I’m really stoked about my word choice. To me, the word through can represent so many different things;

I wouldn’t be the person that I am if I hadn’t come through Lexington.

I’ve experienced a lot of tough shit, but I’ve made it through.

I always felt that I was just passing through.

I love driving through the north end to get to my house.

You have to pass through Lexington to get from where my father’s family is concentrated to where my mother’s family is concentrated (Ohio and Florida).


As of right now I’m thinking about having the piece tattooed on my right wrist.”

Ondine’s blog post made us realize that each participant brought a lifetime of experiences to their tattoo choice, that each phrase from Bianca’s love poem to Lexington was soon to take on a life of its own, a life that was beautiful and mostly unknown to others.

Because of Ondine’s blog, many of the other participants asked for a way to share the stories behind their Lexington Tattoo Project tattoos. Because the two of us love stories and because we have a hard time saying no to good ideas, we decided to make a website and start a blog of our own where we could post the stories of individual tattoos. Scroll back and read some of the other stories too.

Thank you, Ondine.

P.S. As it turned out, Ondine left the United States for an extended stay in Colombia before we had a chance to photograph her tattoo. Thankfully, she returned to Lexington a week ago. Hers, then, is the last tattoo we photographed. We have now seen and photographed every single tattoo that’s part of The Lexington Tattoo Project. They are all beautiful.

Ondine Quinn

Ondine Quinn’s “through”