Tattoo Twins

When Chelsea Pohl, the project manager for The Boulder Tattoo Project, wrote to us that the phrase from Bianca’s poem that spoke to her the most was “deep roots”–the phrase that Kremena chose on Thanksgiving Day 2012 and, therefore, a phrase no longer available–everything seemed to fall into place. In the four months since we had started working with Chelsea, she had become a dear friend, a fellow artist, someone with as much love for community to match our own commitment to Lexington. So Kremena responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Here is Chelsea’s story:

“I was born and raised in Lexington, but moved to Boulder when I was 17. I have been so proud to take an art work that originated in my hometown and show it off to my current city. When I was asked if I wanted to be a participant in The Lexington Tattoo Project, it was a no-brainer. It only made sense that I would be a physical link between the two projects. I looked at the words and phrases available, and felt that ‘deep roots’ was the perfect phrase for me. It symbolizes the deep connection that I will always have to Lexington, even as I live out my adult years in Boulder. I can’t wait to pick out my phrase for The Boulder Tattoo Project to signal the connection I have with Boulder and the expansion of Kremena and Kurt’s latest community-centered artwork. In my mind, this project links the two cities and allows me a creative excuse for participating in both cultures.

So Kremena and I now both have the phrase ‘deep roots,’ which gives my tattoo an even stronger meaning. She was willing to share the phrase, which makes us tattoo twins! I now feel connected not only to this project but also to Kurt and Kremena who have completely inspired me to bring more art and culture to the city of Boulder.”

Kremena Todorova

Kremena Todorova’s “deep roots”

Chelsea Pohl

Chelsea Pohl’s “deep roots”