Margueritte Williams’ Broadway connections

Though Transylvania University, where the two of us teach, is located on Broadway and though Broadway is not a long street, as city streets go, we continue to uncover Broadway history. Ultimately, this is our collective history. Margueritte Williams’ beautiful narrative adds to the memories that still live there:

“I picked ‘down Broadway’ because my grandmother on my father’s side was born there in a building that no longer exists –’The Britling,’ a gothic revival style apartment house at 343 South Broadway. Now a funky green abandoned bank branch sits there. My grandmother also owned and ran a nursing home on the corner of South Broadway and South Broadway Park for 20 years. It is through her that my connections to Lexington run deeper. She and her ancestors all rest in the Lexington Cemetery.”

Margueritte Williams

Margueritte Williams’ “down Broadway”