Ali Blair’s “of the Universe”

Ali Blair is one of the many participants in the Lexington Tattoo Project who were strangers to us before we began this artwork. Now we think of Ali as a friend, even though we mostly keep up with her through Facebook.

Today is Ali’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Ali!

Here is the story of Ali’s tattoo:

“‘of the universe’ wasn’t my first or even second choice. When I discovered that the words that had immediately struck a chord with me were claimed, I wasn’t sure I was going to stay with the project. But I spent some time with the remaining bits of the poem and ‘of the universe’ started to resonate with me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it had multiple layers of personal meaning for me.

As an introvert, I can easily end up feeling a bit isolated and disconnected—’of the universe’ reminds me that I am here and that I belong. It is on my ankle and so it grounds me in times of uncertainty. As a scientist, I believe that the matter I am made of is literally ‘of the universe’: born in stars, billions of years old, and well-traveled. It doesn’t get much more universal than that.”

Ali Blair

Ali Blair’s “of the Universe”