Jason Weinel’s roadside attraction

Jason sent us his narrative before he embellished his Lexington Tattoo Project tattoo with a map of Kentucky and other iconic images of our state. Arguably, his new look makes him an even bigger roadside attraction.

“I love the fact that the phrase ‘The Roadside Attraction’ can mean an assortment of different things. It can be an upside-down house or the World’s Largest Walnut, Peach, Peanut, Cockroach, Onion and so forth. I consider myself to be somewhat of a Roadside Attraction too. I find myself feeding off of people’s energy and entertaining them. I enjoy making people laugh and find humor in a lot of different things. I usually find myself at the end of each joke but consider it a wonderful sacrifice to make someone laugh.”

To find out if “The Roadside Attraction” is one of the images in the run for the cover of the Lexington Tattoo Project book, visit this link. You can vote either way!

Jason WeinelI

**new and improved** Jason Weinel’s “The Roadside Attraction”