Running the marathon in Boulder

“run the marathon” concludes the eleventh stanza of “Boulder Zodiac,” the poem Anne Waldman wrote for the Boulder Tattoo Project as a love letter to the city she calls home.

“run the marathon” is the phrase Joel Cabrera chose as his own Boulder Tattoo Project tattoo. Joel has run three marathons.

“run the marathon” is also the inspiration for the tattooing going on at Claw and Talon Tattoo this week: a marathon-like event that aims to have all 200 participants tattooed in only 7 days.

One of the first Boulderites to receive a tattoo as part of this marathon was Marissa Prebarich. She got “into your chest” inked on her rib cage on her birthday: the best birthday gift ever, according to her.

Marissa Prebarich 

Marissa Prebarich’s “into your chest”