Jeanette Tesmer’s “when she showed up”

“I am not a native Kentuckian. I moved from Missouri to Kentucky in June 2009, entirely by myself. I didn’t have any friends in the area and only have a couple of relatives here whom I didn’t even know that well at the time. My phrase is ‘when she showed up’ because it was up to me to create the life I would have in Lexington. Having this phrase on my skin is a constant reminder of all the good that has come my way from taking the initiative to show up.

The placement of this tattoo intertwines with my previous two. One is a symbol of the Gallic triple goddess that reminds me of my sisters and of my femininity. I also have a tree whose leaves turn into butterflies. All my tattoos are part of my life and the people in it.”

Jeanette Tesmer

Jeanette Tesmer’s “when she showed up”