Mollie Hunter’s Magic Market

“I am new to Lexington. When I got my tattoo, I had been here less than a year. I heard about the Lexington Tattoo Project through my roommate (‘The Armpit’) and immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Having the connection to other people in Lexington helped me feel like Lexington is home. As to my phrase, ‘Market,’ it was not my first choice, but because I was kind of late to the project, my selections were limited. The thing that drew me to ‘Market’ specifically was that it is a proper noun and I felt that this added a level of mystery to the word on its own, much more so than if it were not capitalized. In the past several months, however, the word has come to provide some strength to me through my struggles on the job Market. I have a feeling that something is just around the corner; the Market (literally) has my back.”

Mollie Hunter

Mollie Hunter’s “Market”