DeAnna Rigney’s “the night before” and … also the night after tomorrow

“Leif and I had decided to get our very first tattoos on our 18th anniversary, which was January 21st. One of the reasons I hadn’t already gotten a tattoo was because I had a hard time making up my mind. When I read about the Lexington Tattoo Project , a few months before our anniversary, it seemed fortuitous that not only would I be involved in a community-wide artistic endeavor, but also that I would be limited in my choices. I have a hard time making decisions, so having my choice narrowed down for me was actually very liberating.

Several phrases appealed to me or seemed to fit my personality, but I chose ‘the night before’ for two reasons. The first has to do with a life-long love for music, specifically the Beatles. When I had deliberated about getting a tattoo before even being involved in this project, a Beatles tattoo seemed definitely like a possibility. ‘The Night Before’ happens to be a Beatles song from the album ‘Help!’ The second reason has to do with the Lexington community I’ve grown to love, and the fantastic memories I’ve been making whilst living here the past few years. When I think of evenings spent in Lexington, I think of dancing in local bars to local bands, walking through downtown during summer nights, talking and laughing with friends around a backyard fire pit, watching great theater and shows, and generally enjoying the company and artistic talent our community has to offer…’ahh, the night before.’”

PS 1 Leif Erickson, DeAnna’s husband, did get a tattoo: “the cheap seats.” Scroll down to May 31 to read the story of Leif’s tattoo.

PS 2 DeAnna will be performing at Buster’s the night after tomorrow, Friday, Nov 15.  She and Leif are both members of the March Madness Marching Band, which will take the stage at 8:30 pm. Be there or be square!

DeAnna Rigney

DeAnna Rigney’s “the night before” (courtesy of DeAnna)