One year later, we are thankful for many things

One year ago on Thanksgiving day we received the poem that Bianca Spriggs wrote for the Lexington Tattoo Project. This poem has changed our lives as Bianca’s words found their home–on the bodies of 253 proud Lexingtonians. Thank you, Bianca.

Robert Alleyne tattoos "gravitational pull" on Bianca's foot

Robert Alleyne tattoos “gravitational pull” on Bianca’s foot

Weeks before the first tattoo sessions for the Lexington Tattoo Project were scheduled, we got a call from STORY Magazine. They wanted to write about our artwork and asked for images of finished tattoos to run with an article. We asked Robert Alleyne if he could help us out and make some tattoos early so we could have photographs for STORY. Robert–as he has done many times since–responded generously. Thank you, Robert, for working with us, for all the tattoos that you and Jay Armstrong made as part of this artwork. 

STORY Magazine

Headline for the STORY feature. Thank you, STORY Magazine, for sharing our tale of poetry, ink, and community with your readers before most of the words were pressed in ink on skin.

Finally, to everyone who has become a part of the Lexington Tattoo Project: we are thankful for all of you. Thank you for offering your support and ideas at every turn. Thank you for joining us at Buster’s for the Video Premiere on November 15th.

by Nash Werner

And thanks to Nash Werner for capturing this crowd photograph (featuring members of the March Madness Marching Band) at the Video Premiere and Party

We still have much to share with you and will continue posting images and stories here every Tuesday and Friday.

Thank you, again and again,
Kurt and Kremena