Patrick and Troy’s handful

We no longer remember exactly when we met Patrick and Troy. It must have been when we were going out for drag most weekends and photographing for Passing, our artwork that documents the lives of drag queens and kings who have called Lexington home. Patrick and Troy were and still are THE costume designers to make one an outfit, regardless of the occasion (a pageant or just a regular night of drag; Patrick also made a skirt for Kremena when she was 8 months pregnant–by far the best piece of clothing she owned during her entire pregnancy). In 2009 we worked with them on a show–Passing: Fashioning Drag–produced by the Lexington Art League. It is the most glamorous show we’ve helped put on!

So we were really excited when Patrick and Troy signed on to participate in the Lexington Tattoo Project. We love the ways in which different communities we work with can come together…

Patrick Howell and Troy Meeks

Patrick Howell and Troy Meeks’s “like a handful of lightning”

Patrick Howell costume

A glorious Christmas-themed outfit, designed by Patrick Howell and worn by Hurricane Summers for Passing: Fashioning Drag, 2009