“Difficult” words (cont.)

Another part of Bianca’s “The __________ of the Universe: A Love Poem,”  at the mention of which folks unfamiliar with the Lexington Tattoo Project gasp in disbelief, is “The Armpit.” Who could possibly want “The Armpit” tattooed on their body?!

The answer: Kayti McCormick, also known as Trashique D’Lamour, a founding member of the Tinderbox Circus Sideshow, a woman of many many talents (some heavier than others!).

“The Armpit” was Kayti’s first choice. Where did she place her tattoo? Look here:

Kayti McCormick

Kayti McCormick’s “The Armpit”

Thank you, Bianca, for crafting a poem so beautiful that no part of it went unclaimed.

Thank you, Kayti, for giving “The Armpit” a home in your armpit!