Amanda Locke’s “the first time”

We did not initially recognize the young woman who brought a baby to her photography session for the Lexington Tattoo Project. But when she told us that we had photographed her on a discarded chair a few years earlier, we remembered her: Amanda Locke, who readily came out to sit on a chair across the street from her house on a warm fall day in 2010, the year of DISCARDED: Lexington. Photographing Amanda for the Lexington Tattoo Project, then, felt a little bit like a reunion.

Here is the story of Amanda’s tattoo:

“This tattoo is very special to me. It is one of my proudest decisions. The words ‘the first time’ are close to my heart, especially as I am watching my first baby grow. These words remind me of all my favorite ‘firsts’ I’ve already experienced; they inspire me to continue to experience ‘firsts’ in my years to come. I am lucky to be able to look down at my shoulder and see a beautiful tattoo that connects my past, present, and future—all while showcasing my love and pride for Lexington, KY. Thank you for this one-of-a-kind experience.”

DISCARDED: Lexington, Amanda

DISCARDED: Lexington, Amanda

Amanda Locke

Amanda Locke’s “the first time”