How we got roped into making a book (and mixing metaphors)

That’s right–this is another part of the Lexington Tattoo Project that the two of us did not plan or even anticipate. To the contrary, when folks started asking us if there would be a book, we were united in our certainty: there was no way we could make time to make a book.

Then two of the participants, Griffin VanMeter and Wyn Morris, had breakfast together. By the time the scrambled-eggs course was over, they had decided that there would be a book and that the two of them would help bring it into being. At the end, it was the NoLi CDC and the Morris Book Shop that helped fund the book, with generous support from the Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Pre-order your books now through Morris Book Shop. Pre-order pricing rates end on February 6. And come to the book launch at The Carnegie Center on Friday, February 7 at 7 pm! (Surprises will abound.)

What do Griffin and Wyn have to say about the book? “It’s gonna be huge!”

Griffin and Wyn

Griffin VanMeter and Wyn Morris read the book together (they look pleased)