Bianca Spriggs’ gravitational pull

That’s right: Bianca’s words pulled us all together into a community of folks sporting words and dots–visible marks of our commitment to Lexington and to each other.

Thank you, Bianca, for not saying no when we asked you if you would write a poem as a love letter to Lexington. Thank you for crafting a beautifully complex love letter to our city. Thank you for your willingness to play along. We are so glad no one’s invented those anti-grav moon boots for poets! (At least not yet…)

Here is Bianca’s story of her tattoo, which says “gravitational pull”:

“Having lived primarily in Lexington for over 20 years, I’ve not made it a secret that I feel I am involved in a very complex relationship with this city. Especially since every time I try to spend any sort of significant time living in another location, I am compelled to return. I know others who have spoken of this same draw. Whenever I meet visitors who say they are passing through for the first time, I jokingly tell them to be careful because if Lexington takes a shine to them, they will be back for good. At first, I used to worry about it because it was less about the city itself and more about how I dislike feeling trapped, but then I began to think about how Lexington is so integral to my identity. My development as an artist and my principles and standards as an activist were groomed here through prolonged exposure to brilliant, accepting mentors and collaborators in a vibrant, creative community set against the backdrop of a rich artistic and literary tradition. Ultimately, I have come to think of the force that keeps me rooted in Lexington as necessary to my continued growth. To that end, I’m happy to continue to live, work, and play here until the cosmos says otherwise. Or until someone invents anti-grav ‘moon boots’ for poets.”

Bianca Spriggs

Bianca Spriggs’ “gravitational pull”