Lexington Tattoo Project featured in UnderMain

When UnderMain, Lexington’s new online magazine which “chronicles the affairs of a progressive city in a variety of media only the web can deliver,” approached us for a review of the Lexington Tattoo Project book, we were super excited. This would be the first critical review of our book. And we knew just the person to ask: anthropologist and photographer Steve Pavey. We trusted Steve to ask difficult questions, informed by his commitment to serving the larger community, always with an emphasis on social justice. So we asked Steve and he said yes.

In the first issue of UnderMain, you can not only read his review, but also see a few of the photographs Mick Jeffries, a photographer, oral historian, and a good friend, snapped while the two of us were giving our first (and likely last) tattoo: to Robert Alleyne, the tattoo artist who believed in our vision behind the Lexington Tattoo Project from the very beginning.

And we owe a few thanks, we always do: Thank you, Steve, for reviewing our book and asking hard questions about our artwork. Thank you, Mick, for capturing beautiful photographs. Thank you, Robert, for asking us to tattoo you and trusting us not to injure you. Thank you, UnderMain, for featuring this communal artwork in your inaugural issue.