The Book

This 160 page, full-color, hardbound book measures 9 by 12 inches and includes a photograph of every tattoo, along with powerful narratives of what the tattooed phrases have come to mean to the people who are wearing them inked forever on their skin.

(click on the images below to see larger images of these pages inside the book)

book spread #2

Many of the tattoos are featured in full-page photographs

Critical essays in the book include:

“Cleave, Communicate, Construct, Converse” by Donna Sink, Campus Architect at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

“Words Made Flesh” by Gerald Bruns, the William P. & Hazel B. White Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Notre Dame

CODA by Sean M. Starowitz, conceptual artist and founder of Bread!KC

book spread # 4

Stories, written by the participants who wanted to share what their tattoo phrases mean to them, are featured throughout the book

Kurt and Kremena have also included their own essay, “Before the Ink”

book spread # 1

“The Compact Mirror of the Universe”