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Lexington, Ink.: a collective tattoo connects people who love where they live
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Lexington Tattoo Project honored by Americans for the Arts
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Linked by ink: Tattoos mark a city’s pride

Permanent Ink: A review of the Lexington Tattoo Project book

Final Ink: Lexington Tattoo Project ends with new coffee table book

Tattoo Project Strengthens KY Community
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2013: The Year in Central Kentucky Arts
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Keeping It Secret: Lexington Tattoo Project finally reveals mystery symbol and resident

Hendrick Floyd Rocks
video capture from Video Premiere and Party

Entire Inked Image Revealed at Lexington Tattoo Project Celebration
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This Year’s Model Citizens: The Art Duo Behind The Lexington Tattoo Project
ACE Magazine

Lexington Tattoo Project Finale Brings Hundreds Together
Copious Notes blog

“The Long-Awaited Final Reveal of Hidden Image is Coming Soon”

Secrets Will Be Revealed at Lexington Tattoo Project Party
Lexington Herald Leader

Radio interview on WRFL’s Accents with Katerina Stoykova-Klemer
mp3 link

“Lexington Tattoo Project Celebrates a Year and More”

Chevy Chaser Magazine

Can a Poem Still Change Anything?
Kentucky Arts Council website

Lexington Tattoo Project on Connections with Renee Shaw
Kentucky Educational Television (KET)

“Deep Roots:” Poetry, Place, and the Lexington Tattoo Project.
Boiled Down Juice blog

Boulder Tattoo Project: Ink For All
Boulder Weekly

Lexington Tattoo Project Brings Poetry to Life (written story) (audio)

The Tatt That Binds

STORY The Magazine

Tats that connect to tell a story

We Heart Art: Lexington Tattoo Project
Young Mary’s Record

Lexington Tattoo Project Honored by Public Art Network
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National Poetry Month given local significance

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The Lexington Tattoo Project
Podcast from WRFL Trivial Thursdays with Mick Jeffries, 88.1FM

Lexington Tattoo Project Comes to Life
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First person: Getting tattoo as part of art project is lesson in self-discovery
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he could resist: The Lexington Tattoo Project and a Noosed Life
North of Center