Hilary Stojak’s “it’s your own heart”

The poem for The Boulder Tattoo Project–Boulder Zodiac by Anne Waldman–has been released. This marks the beginning of a great ride: finding words to live with, words that connect people to one another and to a place they call home.

Because we hope that Boulder and Lexington will be moved closer to one another by virtue of sharing this experience, and because the ways in which people connect to their words are moving, no matter what city we live in, we are sharing this narrative by Hilary Stojak, a Boulderite who has found the phrase for her tattoo: it’s your own heart. 

“These words resonate so strongly with me because I am constantly reminding myself I am my own vessel to happiness, my heart is my everything. It speaks to me and I listen as hard as I can. I need the reminder to trust myself, my feelings, my being, my heart. I follow my heart and always have. It has never let me down and it is mine and mine alone! I followed it to Boulder after years of loving and skiing and rafting in the Rockies–I yearned to be a cool Colorado kid, to see the mountains every day, to feel the Boulder vibe that hits you the second you get to town. I took the leap, moved out here after college and have never left. I have found love, had my daughter, bought a house, have solid friends and happy days. I’ve gotten much flack for being so far from family back east, but despite that heartache, I belong here and nowhere else, and my heart knows that. It’s my own heart!


Though the Boulder patterns will be made with stars, images of Lexington’s circles-and-dots have been used to introduce the project in Colorado. Click on the image to read an article from Boulder magazine, and to see some Lexington faces.